Bishop Dag Heward-Mills:
Shining Radiant Arcs of Light World-wide

1He has been called a “faithful servant,” an “inspiration to Christianity” and a “ray of hope and healing” to the lost and hurting around the world. Many have compared his passion for sharing the Gospel to the brilliant beam of a lighthouse, “his eyes burning with a vision” that illumines the Way for millions of seekers across the globe.

Indeed, over the past 20 years, evangelist, pastor and author Dag Heward-Mills has impacted millions through a multi-faceted world-wide ministry—one that shines with many amazing, bold arcs of light. An array of soul-winning projects, all of which he leads, directs or has written, are woven together to create a powerful force for Christ. And today they continue to gain brilliance and momentum.

These bright, evangelistic embers can be traced back to a time decades ago. Born in the UK to a Ghanaian lawyer and Swiss mother and growing up in the West African coastal country of Ghana, Dag gave his life to the Lord as a teenager. Soon after, while completing a seven-year training program at the University of Ghana Medical School, he felt God anointing him to teach and, testifying to God’s fervent call on his life, began holding meetings in a campus classroom. As attendance swelled, meetings were moved to larger and larger rooms—and thus the first Lighthouse Chapel was born. Meanwhile, Dag earned his medical degree in 1989 and was ordained into the ministry in London the following year. Six years later, in 1996, the International Ministerial Council of Great Britain consecrated him as bishop.

Through all these occurrences, one of many sweeps of light began to intensely shine. As more churches were planted under Dag’s leadership as presiding bishop, Lighthouse Chapel International (LCI) grew into a world-wide denomination with almost 1300 churches spreading across every continent in 60 countries, including 63 churches in the United States. Back in Accra, Ghana (LCI’s home base), Bishop Heward-Mills commissioned in 2006 the construction of one of the largest church complexes in Africa—called the Qodesh (the Hebrew word for consecrated, dedicated or Holy Hill)—where attendance today often overflows its capacity.

Yet another gleaming glint of light appeared in 2004 when Dag held an evangelistic event, sparking the much-acclaimed Healing Jesus Crusades across Africa and other third-world countries. Today, this ministry seems to glow with God’s blessing. Picture massive crowds gathering, listening and responding to the truth of God’s Word, with thousands committing their lives to Christ and others receiving healing in His name. While the first crusade drew just over 600 attendees, each gathering now attracts up to five hundred thousand at each event.

To follow up each crusade, faith-building books and pamphlets written by Bishop Heward-Mills are freely “seeded” to help disciple and lead throngs of new believers to a closer walk with Christ. In fact, the Bishop is now known as a prolific author, with more than 73 titles to date, including 30 international bestsellers and many new releases anticipated in the coming months (including the much-acclaimed 5-book series Loyalty and Disloyalty). These books, including bestseller The Art of the Follower and many others, help pastors build stronger churches and motivate readers to effectively bolster their ministries, families and marriages.

Still other lights sparkle in multiple arenas—inspiring the next generation to ministry, healing the sick and rescuing orphans from lives of pain and abuse. In 1995, the Bishop established the Lighthouse Christian Mission Schools and, in 1997, added the Anagkazo Bible and MinistryTrainingCenter. In 2006, he established three more rays of hope: the LighthouseMissionHospital, the Healing Jesus Medical Missions and the Lighthouse Christian Orphanage. Partnering with other ministries such as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Dag and his dedicated team are helping communities around the globe.

The list continues. He has held multiple conferences to equip church leaders, serves on the board of Church Growth International and produces radio and TV programs, DVD’s and CD’s, all to share the Gospel world-wide. He has also teamed up with his wife, Adelaide, to speak to crowds across Africa on the importance of a strong, faith-filled marriage and its vital role in the life of a Christian.

Indeed, the Bishop and his ministry team have set robust goals, which include “to build 25,000 churches in 150 countries,” “to continue to fight fiercely and relentlessly in all battles for the advancement of the churches and the Gospel” and “to produce passionate Christians who work for God.”

Perhaps a final goal, in its simplicity, proves the most telling: “to go to Heaven and hear Jesus say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’” Looking back, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills may indeed see many arcs of light all intertwined—a unified beam cutting through the darkness as millions are enlightened with the hope of the Gospel. Until then, the “faithful servant” stands in the lighthouse, shining the Way.